Whine Walk Run 5K


Past registrants:  Please note.



We wish to extend a hearty thanks to those who signed up for the 2020 Walk Whine Run 5K (WWR5K), sadly we all know what happened!

As promised, we strive to keep you updated. After having to re-submit applications a few times, the Mayor’s office has finally opened the City's calendar for some events. Unfortunately, we will not be able to carefully plan and gather in Piedmont Park for 2021.

None of these cancellations carry blame and although the event had a non-refundable policy, we have decided to change the procedure. The WWR5K team will issue refunds or have funds transferred to the event's original benefactor, the Caribbean Association of Georgia, CAG. If you choose to donate to CAG, WWR5K will transfer the funds and will also hold a complimentary registration spot for the next scheduled date of Saturday May 7th, 2022.

(Please note: We have the City's verbal confirmation

for that date but are awaiting the hard copy).

Here's a reminder of who CAG is https://www.caribbeangeorgia.org/, and their mission.


During the pandemic CAG hosted:

· Caribbean Heritage Month Official Opening (parade of flags, skits)

· Gospel Explosion (various gospel performers)

· Caribbean Fitness (various Caribbean fitness instructors)

· DJ Sound Off (various Caribbean DJ)

· Dear Daddy (Men discussed fatherhood)

· Mental health (information, lectures, support)

· Mother’s Day celebration

· Christmas Toy drive 

· Feed Soldiers program

· Food distribution program

Please respond to this email with either:
1. Refund my registration.
2. I wish to make a donation to CAG.

Kindly respond by May 30th.  Any fees left after this date will be considered a donation and you will be registered for 2022.

As we receive directives from the City, we will continue to provide updates. Please continue to be diligent with your interactions and stay safe.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
WWR5K Team