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As a participant in the InclusiF Fitness LLC fitness class, I, for myself, my executor, administrators, heirs, devises and assigns do hereby discharge InclusiF Fitness LLC, the event site, their management, their officers, board members, employees, members, sponsors, volunteers, organizers or their representatives, or their successors and all cooperating businesses and organizations from all claims of damages, demands, actions, illnesses, death and causes whatsoever in any matter arising from or growing out of my participation in fitness classes.

I agree to indemnify InclusiF Fitness LLC and their partners for all fines, fees and expenses incurred as a result of the breach of any contractual obligations as a participant.

I attest and verify that I am medically able to participate and assume all risks of participation in this class. I understand that I may be asked for permission to be photographed, filmed or videotaped at the class. I hereby irrevocably grant to InclusiF Fitness and their partners directors, their affiliates, licensees and collaborators the absolute right and permission to use my likeness and/or voice for any purpose whatsoever, including commercial advertising. I state that I am physically fit and able to participate in the fitness classes and I also give my full permission for such first aid as deemed necessary to be provided to me on the premises or prior to transport to a hospital for further treatment.

By submitting this entry, I acknowledge that I am 18 years or older and have read and agree to the above release and waiver.

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