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Corporate Wellness


We look forward to discussing a broad range of Health and Wellness programs for your work place. The benefits of corporate wellness are vast and involve a reduction in the rates of illness among employee as well as work-related injuries such as muscle strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress fractures or back pain.  We recognize that a strong and healthy work force is a reflection of a strong company.

Our specialty is working with companies and organizations to develop the best exercise and fitness programs for their staff.

Apartment Complex Fitness


A fitness center in your complex is no longer an amenity but a necessity, however, don't just have a center and check it off the list.  Implement classes and have a trainer on hand to show residents how to use machines.  When renters are seeking a new home, this puts you ahead of the competition.  


We would love to discuss the possibility of bringing our Health and Wellness program to your residents. The benefits of group exercise and wellness are vast and include comrade among neighbors. Our specialty is working with companies and organizations to develop the best programs and opportunities for them.

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