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With its beautiful landscape and central location, it's easy to see why Piedmont Park is one of the most popular parks in Atlanta and we invite Vendors of all sizes with tents or trucks to secure a spot today.  The Whine Walk Run 5K is an exciting opportunity to showcase your brand and engage our participants, other vendors, volunteers and passers-by.

Our target audience primarily consists of professionals who value community, health, family, and culture.  These patrons also appreciate quality and are willing to commit to obtaining meaningful services and experiences for themselves and their families.

This fun and vibrant 5K offers a relaxing atmosphere for our participants to interact with you.



Vendor spots are $100 to $300 depending on vending category - contact us today and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

WWR5K demographics

   If you are interested in being a vendor, please click here

Early bird Vendor rates chage after March 31st

Requires Event Insurance (Food Trucks only) & Venue Fee
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